This is the blog of the Aston Centre for Europe (ACE), based at Aston University, Birmingham UK. Blog administrators are Dr Ed Turner and Dr Jelena Obradovic–Wochnik.

Aston Centre for Europe

The Aston Centre for Europe (ACE) is a cutting-edge research facility – bringing together Aston University’s well-established strengths in the study of Europe. 

  • The Centre engages in a programme of rigorous, policy relevant research on Western and Eastern Europe
  • ACE hosts high level speakers on Europe, through a series of major academic conferences and lectures
  • Our staff are leading experts in their fields, and offer supervision to a number of PhD students. The centre offers masterclasses to Undergraduate and Postgraduate students, in addition to providing a number of PhD stipends
  • As well as being a leading academic and research centre, ACE also works with the Aston Business School to train the next generation of civil servants from new and aspirant EU member states.

Aston Centre for Europe is led by:


  • Professor John Gaffney, Co-Director
    Specialisms: Politics, Political Leadership, Discourse, Role of Political Parties
  • Professor Simon Green, Co-Director 
    Specialisms: Immigration and Citizenship policy in Europe
  • Dr Nathaniel Copsey, Co-Director
    Specialims: European integration with an emphasis on Poland, Ukraine and European Neighbourhood Policy
  • Dr Lucian Leustean
    Specialisms: Religion and politics in post-par Europe, the history and politics of the European Union, the Cold War; nationalism and political power & Eastern and South-Eastern Europe
  • Dr Anne-Claire Marangoni
  • Dr Jörg Mathias
    Specialisms: Comparative public policy-making, regional and federal studies, regional economic and social development, German politics & British politics
  • Dr Jelena Obradovic–Wochnik
    Western Balkans, civil war, war crimes, transitional justice, Serbia and Kosovo
  • Professor William Paterson OBE
    Specialisms: Germany and Europe, German foreign policy, government and politics in Germany & European integration
  • Dr Carolyn Rowe
    Specialisms: Territorialism in Europe, comparative Federalism and political communication
  • Ms Holly Snaith
  • Professor Michael Sutton
    Specialisms: France and European integration since 1945, European political thought in the 19th and 20th Centuries, politics and religion in the 19th and 20th Century France & theories of international relations
  • Dr Balazs Szent-Ivanyi
  • Dr Ed Turner
    Specialisms: Party policitcs, sub-national politics & public policy and housing policy
  • Dr Karen West
  • Dr Uwe Wunderlich
    Specialisms: Globalisation, global governance and international order, comparative regionalism (EU, Asia-Pacific), international relations theory & integration theory and international security.
  • Policy Studies Unit

ACE also integrates three colleagues from the School’s Sociology and Policy group (Dodds, Fuller and West) and one from Aston Business School (Bailey); together, they form ACE Policy Studies Unit (PSU). Over time, the establishment of the PSU has helped to consolidate ACE research environment.



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